do it.

My super cool friend Danny is in a Roots remix contest. His remix of "I Can't Help It" is way awesome and you should for realz vote for him. Puh-leeze. (Also, don't forget to check your email to confirm your vote, otherwise it won't count.)

Here's the link:


Amy and Ruby are my new best friends

This might very well be the most lovely thing I have ever witnessed in my entire life. Amy Poehler is officially one of the coolest ladies ever and Ruby is my new feminist hero.  

(If you watch to the end of the video, during the dance party, a very special someone makes a cameo dance appearance.)


The week as a collection of essay and book titles that will never be written

November 24th through 30th
  • Through the Eyes of Omar: A Memoir
  • Nancy Cunard, Dorothy Parker, and Yves Saint Laurent: Why it is Much Easier to be Friends with People You Never Knew and are Dead
  • "Are There any Black People Here?": Racism, Stereotypes, and College Students
  • What Ever Happened to Conversation and Intelligent Thought?
  • Loosing People Who are Loosing Themselves
  • Broken Glass Means Bloody Feet: A Thanksgiving Holiday
  • The Edward Cullen Phenomenon: Am I the Only One Who Thinks He's Kind of a Dick?
  • Why Must French People Always be so Cool?

An unblogged life is not worth living

This website, o', amuses me to no end. Put in some text from a blog entry or a paper or something and it tells you what writer you are most like. (This is how I amuse myself these days.) Clearly I am very awesome. haha.


Yes we did, baby. Yes we did. 


I was on Jezebel. My life is now complete. 


- via viva la vibs photostream (check out her other stuff too it's kinda great!)

Not-friend wishlist

How old is that kid? It says is class year is 2012, that makes him a solid 18 I bet. Wow. It only took 18 years for him to become that stupid. Or maybe it is the fact that he hasn't been around long enough to develop intelligent thoughts. Whatever it is, I am glad I do not know him. Ew. Right now the average bro is looking pretty great compared to this ridiculous human.

Quote of the Week

"School would be so much more fun if I was a genius."
                    - Dude who sits behind me in math 

Friend Wishlist

If I could make a Friend Wishlist, like you can make an Amazon wishlist, I would be all about that. These are some folks that would definitely be on there.

Margaret & Helen - Awesome octogenarian bloggers
Helen does most the writing for the blog and it has brought so much joy to my days. I think this just further cements the fact that I am not meant to hang out with people my own age, cause all I wanna do is chill with Margaret and Helen. I'm not gonna lie, I kind of want to be her when I grow up too. Here is an example of her brilliance: 
"Look. I called Governor Palin a bitch. Some of you didn’t like that word and I really don’t care. I’ve been around the block a few times. Hell, in dog years I’m already dead so a little word like bitch is hardly cause for concern in my world. But when a crowd starts yelling 'terrorist', 'kill him' and 'Arab'… well that is entirely different and it’s time the guys driving this Straight Talk Express started using their heads for something other than hat racks. If you watch Palin doing her little performance at those rallies you quickly realize that she is either too stupid to see or just doesn’t care that her dog sled is going down a slippery slope. We can’t put that in the White House. We just can’t. "

YACHT - Musicians/Dancin' Fools
Their awkward makes me happy, mostly because I feel as though we have very similar awkward. And their songs are pretty great. These are some young people I can get behind. Let's hang out and have a dance party sometime. Watch and enjoy (the actually song starts around 1:10). 

Sunday is Fun Day!

This is really really amusing. Enjoy. And enjoy the season finale of Mad Men.

Happy Sunday friends.

Une lettre pour mon ami imaginaire

Cher GrandMarnier,

How are you? I hope you are well. I am writing to apologize for not going to see you and Yelle and Tepr on Tuesday. You see, I had to work and then give this ridiculous presentation and there was just no way I could make it in time. It really broke my heart. I mean, who knows when you will be back anywhere near the US, let alone Chicago? Please forgive me. Next time, I will be there, wearing everything day-glow and giant smile on my face.

Anyway, maybe one day we can all hang out and wear brightly colored pants and just chill. It would be super fun. I swear.

Thanks for making wonderful music and being adorable.



p.s. - Your purple pants are way awesome. Keep up the good work.

photo by John Brunner

Quote of the Week:

"I think of being on an airplane. The flight attendant comes down the aisle with her food cart and, eventually, parks it beside my seat. 'Can I interest you in the chicken?' she asks. 'Or would you prefer the platter of shit with bits of broken glass in it?' To be undecided in this election is to pause for a moment and then ask how the chicken is cooked." 
          -- David Sedaris

--via The New Yorker

Words by a cool lady

The flying trapeze,
With a cry of Allez-oop!
To jump the rails, kick over the traces,
To go on the town and visit places,
Sit ten at a table meant for two,
And choke on smoke, as you used to do,
To tread the floor with the dancing bears,
They on your feet and you on theirs,
To have flings at things
that philosophers true shun
And to undermine your constitu-shun.
Home is heaven and orgies are vile,
but you NEED an orgy once in a while!
-- Frances Benjamin Johnston

Aren't we all just so lovely?

Happy Love Your Body Day. 

Do they make baby door knocker earrings?

This will be one stylin' baby. Although it does creepy me out a little bit. There are some people you just don't see having babies, you know?

--via Brooklyn Vegan (photograph by Kyle Dean Reinford)

"The world is full of guys. Be a man. Don't be a guy."

So I wrote this note on the Facebook a while back and just decided I would post it here as well. 

I am reading this book right now by sociologist Micheal Kimmel titled Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men and every sentence is like blowing my mind. It is a sociological study of men age 16 to 26 and why so many of them are acting like...guys for so freaking long. Kimmel's study included over 400 interviews over the span of about 4 years. Needless to say, he has spoken to many more dudes and bros that I ever wish to see in my entire life. Anyway, it is filled with so many wonderful wonderful quotes that I would have to practically retype the entire book just to tell you my favorite ones.

In one section he is discussing how young men define masculinity and the use of the phrase "that's gay" to define something as un-manly. Kimmel brings up a question he has asked during many of his interviews and workshops and that’s when the sad sad magic happens.

"If you see a man walking down the street, or meet him at a party, how do you 'know' if he is homosexual?...Women says they 'suspect' a man might be gay if he's interested in what she's talking about, knows something about what she's talking about, or is sensitive and a good listener...So, what do straight men do to make sure that no one gets the wrong idea about them?...Just make sure that you walk, talk, and act in a different way from the gay stereotype; dress terribly; show no taste in art or music; show no emotions at all. Never listen to a thing a woman saying, but express immediate and unquenchable sexual interest. Presto, you're a real man."

Sad stuff my friends. Sad stuff. 

An Open Letter

Dearest Freshens Employees,

Usually, the only noise I hear coming from your shop is the sound of your blender, but now there are some other noises in the air. From the small CD player/radio behind the counter a very significant amount emo-tunes are exploding into the world. Now everyone is entitled to their own musical taste, but really, you want to listen to an emo-fied cover of "I Promise You I Will" by Depeche Mode? Really? I can tell you put a lot of work into the mix-tape you brought to work today, but did you notice as you were making it that although you have selected multiple different artists; all their voices sound the same? Sometimes I wonder if it is really just like 3 guys who wear different wigs and hats, pretending to be multiple bands and stealing money away from lonely high school and college students everywhere.

Please do not be offended, for I am only trying to help you. Listen to it all you want, but do so in the privacy of your home or at a modest volume level. You don't see me forcing my music upon an unsuspecting public, now do you?

Love always,


P.S. - Wait. Now you are playing Katy Perry. Never mind. You're dead to me.

This is my life.

Come on. I know you want to....


Monday is the deadline for Illinois! Register to vote!

(Go Obama! woooo!)

Do you think about me now and then? Cause I'm coming home again.

So my parents are gone for the next two weeks and I am moving back home to stay with my sister, Nat. Now you may think, "No parents, house party! wooo!" Although knowing myself (and the fact that I can count all my friends on one hand) our house party would look less like this:

And more like this:

This weekend Nat has homecoming too, so I must take on all official mom duties. Part of me wants to wear a full on housewife outfit to take pictures of her and her homecoming group on Saturday, but I am too nice to embarrass her in that way. (Well, maybe, I haven't decided yet. If I go full on Betty Draper, I'll let you know.)

Inconvenient Truths

As we approach the end of the month, I figured it was time to impart upon you all that I have learned during the month of September.

Below lies of a list of Inconvenient Truths:

1. If you are the guy in my math class who wears his sunglasses throughout the entire hour every day, you are a tool. (Unless you are blind, in which case, I'm sorry.)

2. Standing and giving you boyfriend a back rub in a coffee shop for 20 minutes while he is messing with his computer means you are in a one-sided relationship. (Especially if afterwards you complain about your back hurting too and all he does is nod and look at his computer screen.)

3. Wearing a du-rag with a suit kind of negates the entire look.

4. Pucca shell necklaces…kinda lame, but your effort is commendable. Good try.

Things to amuse yourself with when you have a hole in your arm

So...yesterday I went to the doctor to have this weird lump under my arm looked at. It turns out that it was some sort of nasty infection type thing and they wanted to remove it right away. So they did. They sliced it open and put some crazy drain type thing in my arm. So now I am lying around the house not doing much due to the codeine in my system, with my right arm in a chicken dance-esque pose trying not to put too much pressure on my wound. So anyway....I saw this posted up on the Missbehave Magazine blog and it really amused me to no end.

Watch and enjoy.

I know eavesdropping is wrong but...

I actually heard a human utter these words:
“Well, I think people who are liberal are just uninformed.”

“I don’t think with this all time [points to brain], I think with this [points to heart].

Clearly, I am surrounded by crazies this week. 

6 Unspectacular Things About Me

As tagged by Kaylen

6 Unspectacular Things About Me:

1. I love riding my bike
2. I wish I had drawing skills
3. I hate washing dishes
4. I never put my make-up away completely
5. I often eat puffins cinnamon cereal for more than one meal a day
6. I think polar bears are the most adorable animal in the world

I choose to tag:

1. link the person who tagged you
2. mention the rules on your blog
3. list 6 unspectacular things about you
4. tag 6 other bloggers by linking them (or less if you don't know that many people like myself, I won't judge you)

P.S. You're Creepy

Earlier this evening when I was walking up the massive staircase in the library something very odd occurred. There was a couple walking behind me, the guy was wearing a grey sweatshirt and an orange winter hat (which was not necessary considering the weather). I heard him whisper rather loudly to the girl he had his arm around, "Let's follow her, I beat she knows where it's at." Giggling then ensued. I didn't turn around or say anything, I just continued about my business, walking up the stairs. As I passed the door the the fourth floor the bro whispered, "man, I'm tired, she's moving to fast, I can't follow her anymore," and they heading into the fourth floor.

I am still trying to process that moment. It's not a super big deal, but he was whisper pretty darn loud and the stairwell is rather echo-y, so he had to know that I would hear basically everything he said. What possesses a person to do that? I don't really even know how I feel about the whole situation. Embarrassed? Awkward? Angry? Confused? Concerned? Is it even a situation at all? In the end, I think I will just through it into the pile of strange adventures that are my life.

What began in nausea ended in bliss

Who would have thought that a day that involved taking a drink of Pepto-Bismol every 2 hours would be oh-so wonderful? But yesterday, Amy and I saw The Avett Brothers and I honestly think my life is a little better now. They were, without a doubt, the best live act I have ever seen (and I saw 98° live, that’s some tough competition).

I was amazed at the size and general awesomeness of crowd. I have never seen so many dudes with beards and long hair in one place. Seth, Scott, and Bob stepped out in impeccably tailored outfits, opening the show with “Shame” from Emotionalism. I do not know how they keep up intensity of their performance multiple nights in a row. I swear there were at least 10 broken strings between Seth and Scott (their very nicely dressed roadie was running over banjos and guitars all night). But never once did it hinder the show; they are like a continuous force, constantly moving and growing, gaining strength and blowing your mind. There was one point where something happened (a string broke they couldn’t re-up it quickly enough or something, I don’t quite remember exactly) and they stopped on a dime in the middle of the song. The moment it was fixed, they picked it right back up in the exact spot they left off, as though nothing had even happened. Seriously. Amazing.

I so badly want to see them again in November when they are in Chicago for the Bluegrass Festival. I want to force everyone I know to attend one of their shows, because it will change the way you feel about music. I need passion, baby, nothing less.

I think Amy said it best, "I want to crawl on the stage and die there; then be resurrected by their sweet sweet music."



How Hot Cops stay in shape

I knew I liked this guy. Go bikes!

"I’ll take an interest in illustration"

So in my History of Photography class we had to make a camera obscura (the machine the lovely band is named after). The best part is I actually got mine to function as it should. 

It's made from a cardboard box painted black on the inside. The lens is a magnifying glass connected to a Pringles can. I cut out the back of the box and put a piece of tracing paper in it's place.

When you shine a light on an object and place the lens in front of it, the images is reflected onto the tracing paper upside-down and laterally reversed. (Sorry the quality of the photo isn't very good, the flash on the camera wipes out the image.) 

I am probably waaaay too excited about this, but let's be honest, it's pretty cool. 

And just because, here is a picture of Tracyanne Campbell from Camera Obscura being awesome. 

(Title is from Tears for Affairs on the album Let's Get Out of This Country)

This will be the best thing to happen to you all weekend

Watch and love. He calls himself Max the Magician, but we all know his real name.....GOB. 

See more funny videos at Funny or Die


Darryl! Why are you doing meth? This makes me sad. The only way I think I will be able to get over this is if they do an episode of 'Intervention' with him.

'Office' actor Craig Robinson faces
drug charges

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Prosecutors have filed felony drug charges against Craig Phillip Robinson, an actor best known for his role as Darryl Philbin on NBC's "The Office."
According to documents released Friday, police in Culver City arrested Robinson on June 29 on suspicion of possessing MDMA, also known as ecstasy, and methamphetamine. He was released the same day after posting bail, jail records show.

I would have laughed at me (but in a nice way)

It's official. I feel off my bike this morning on the way to work. I did a full on dive into the pavement. Right now I am feeling lame with two giant band aids stuck to each arm. Bad omen for the start of the year? Maybe. But all I know is the bell on my bike broke in the fall. What a sad state of affairs this all is.

I wear factorials on my fingers

Please look at these beautiful things. The jewerly line created by two MIT grads, called Nervous System gets it's inspiration from mathematics (a lot of it coming from geometry). Math is starting to seem a whole lot cooler lately. Danica McKellar (Winnie Cooper from the Wonder Years) thinks math is sweet too and Winnie Cooper is like as cool as you can ever get. (Read about her book signing on and then tell me you don't wanna hang out with her and talk about feminism, fractions, and Fred Savage all day.)

In the Dendrite Line, the Full Moon Series of necklaces are one of a kind.

This bracelet, part of the Radiolaria line is made of silicon and "cut in an organic network of distorting ellipses."

Earrings, Radiolaria line

From the Algae line, the Small Algal Bloom Pendent

Smart and super cool, my favorite combination.

Photos from

The End.

Sunday somehow ended up having a dance theme. We began with Kid Sister, who was quite amusing. Her dancers creeped me out a little bit, they were really tiny and eerily machine like. kid sister

Black Kids were also a dancin’ good time, although their set did get a little slow towards the end. I kind of have a crush on the lead signer right now; he was kind of annoying at first but grew on me (and his voice pretty cool).

Next up was Girl Talk. We tried to meet up with Katie and Janie here, but just as you would assume, it was whoa insane. These Australian guys were next us to before the show stared. One of them (we never learned his name, so we named him Bruce) was a very Chatty Cathy. Later during the show Bruce and his friends ran up to the front. We didn’t expect to see him again, but at the end of the show Girl Talk threw a blow up raft into the crowd and Bruce was in it. girl talk girl talk raft

We finally found Katie and Janie by the always classy Port-a-Potties before finding a place to watch Kayne. He was very punctual and put on a pretty good show. Nat and I had to leave a bit early since we had to drive home and leave for Michigan early yesterday.Photobucket

Lolla was probably one of the best ways to close out the summer. Now I only have one week (!) until I move in for school. Eek! Mackinac Island will probably not be as exciting as Lolla, but I did already find out about a concert tonight. I think I might be turning into a concert junkie.

It's a shoreline, it's high speed, and it's a cruel world

Saturday was a little more chill than Friday. We saw Does it Offend You, Yeah? who were a lot of fun. The people dancing next to us were even more exciting. I loved it and danced right along with them. 
does it offend you yeah

Later that evening we saw Broken Social Scene. I was really sad that Emily Haines wasn't there, but Amy Millan and Evan Cranley of Stars, as well as Andrew "Apostle of Hustle" Whiteman joined the already massive band. 
broken social scene

And last that day was Wilco. A wonderful way to end the day. Tweedy and gang came out dressed in colored suits with random characters and some sweet bedazzling. A man and his 13 or 14 year old daughter from Baltimore were next to me and Nat. It was their fourth time seeing Wilco together, but they were still just as excited as me and Nat about our front row status. The girl knew every word to every song Wilco sang. I wish I was that cool back in the day, I'm pretty sure I was still listening to Good Charlotte at 13. It wasn't even humid outside that night, which was kind of magical. 

At least no one was wearing crocs

I sit at this table and wait for new freshman and their parents to come over and talk to be about service opportunities every day at work. Needless to say, people don’t really come up to talk to me that often. So I end up trying to figure out ways to occupy myself for around an hour to keep the boredom away.

Today I decided to practice smiling with my eyes. Even with all of my training from Tyra, it didn’t go to hot. I’m pretty sure that I looked like I was on crack and/or trying keep my contact from falling out of my eye. When my eyes started to dry out I had to move on to another activity. Being that my eyes were quite open, I started to notice a strange trend. The amount of students in sleepwear/sweatpants was alarming. Now I know the college kids today hate zippers, but this is the first time these kids are on campus, the first time they are meeting their classmates. I’m not saying that I expect cocktail attire, but is a button too much to ask for? I know I’m old fashioned, I don’t leave the house in anything that could double pajamas. I saw at least 11 people in sweat-related attire and seeing as there is about 95 students on any given day at Preview, that’s approximately 11.58% of the people. 11 people is not a lot, but at 20,000 people, 11.58% is 2,316 people. That is a lot of people. My generation is so lame. The 50’s had the beats in a all black, the 60’s has hippie-ness, even the 90’s had fly girls. But 00’s, we have kids who can’t get out of bed.

Pixel Perfect is way cooler anyway...

"Popularity has it's perks, but a picture's worth a thousand words."

That is the tag line for the new ABC Family movie Picture This!. What on earth does that mean? Natalie guessed that it means that it is important to be popular, but it is more important to be pretty. Hey remember when you used to show Freaks and Geeks ABC Family? Look how far you have fallen. 

4th o' July Playlist

In order to commemorate our day of independence I have complied a list of what I think are pretty fab songs about America. They might not all be nice, but they will make you wanna dance (hopefully...) and buy American.

Have a wonderful day of fireworks and fried chicken.

Uh-Merica - Regina Spektor 
"Cuddling my semiautomatic - what a very fuzzy feeling/Oh, there's nothing like emptying a cartridge at the sun"

Hot Fudge - Robbie William (don't judge me.)
"God bless you Uncle Sam/You got a cool gene pool"

Living in America - The Sounds
"We're not living in America, but we're not sorry"

Fight the Power - Public Enemy (oh Flavor Flav...)
"Our freedom of speech is freedom or death/We got to fight the powers that be"

Magic America - Blur
"He took a cab to the shopping malls/Bought and ate till he could do neither any more/.../He wants to go to magic America"

Living in America - James Brown (Best for last, baby. Love. It.)
"Living in America - got to have a celebration"

Got any other ideas?

Fall '08 Couture


So apparently, the fashion gods were a little concerned about Alessandra Facchinetti taking over at Valentino. But personally, I think the fashion gods have some anxiety problems they need to deal with. Just chill. I think her collection is pretty sweet. It looks very Valentino, but you can tell there is something a little different behind it, something very alive. Keep on keepin’ on girl.


If you are a dreamer, come in.
If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar,
A hope-er, a pray-er, a magic bean buyer . . .
If you're a pretender, come sit by my fire,
For we have some flax golden tales to spin.
Come in!
Come in!
          - Shel Silverstein

I had forgotten how much I enjoy this poem. It's just one of those things that makes me happy. 

Fall '08 Couture

There is something about Chanel that always amazes me. Part of it might be some sort of Chanel Mystique, but I do truly believe that Karl Lagerfeld is a genius. Each piece looks like it would feel good while you wore it, yet still wonderfully elegant. It’s just beautiful.

Newspaper Post

This op-ed piece really touches on a lot of things that I have been feeling lately.

Put Them Out to Pastor
By Richard CohenTuesday, July 1, 2008; A11

The pilgrim is making little progress. In a futile effort to convince faith-voters that he is one of them, John McCain paid a visit to the Grahams of North Carolina -- father Billy and son Franklin. After the meeting, not a word was said about the Grahams' past indiscretions concerning Muslims or Jews, and neither, for that matter, was an endorsement proffered. The next guest was country singer Ricky Skaggs. He did better. He got lunch.

McCain plods a cruel treadmill. He has thus far sought the endorsement of the extremely purple Rev. John Hagee and the equally purple Rev. Rod Parsley. Both of them were later asked to unendorse on account of offensive things they've said. But to paraphrase Hyman Roth in "The Godfather," this is the business they're in.

Billy Graham's observations about Jews were made a long time ago and were imparted in confidence to Richard Nixon and his secret White House tape recorder. The two ruminated about the power and influence of Jews, with Graham adding a bit of original investigative reporting: "They're the ones putting out the pornographic stuff." Had he peeked?

Graham apologized for such remarks and said he no longer held such views, and everyone, including me, takes him at his word. His lasting damage, I offer as an aside, was to persuade the young George W. Bush to abandon his wastrel ways, at which he excelled, and instead seek the path that has led him to where he is now, a calamity for the nation and the world. Graham's burden is heavy indeed.

But the transgressions of Franklin Graham are much more recent and more to the point. After the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, Franklin Graham called Islam a "very evil and wicked religion." As preachers are wont to do, he amplified his remarks to include "mainstream" Islam, alleging that the Koran preaches violence. He is known throughout the Muslim world for these remarks and therefore is hardly a figure a presidential candidate should visit.

Erich Segal's line from "Love Story" -- "love means never having to say you're sorry" -- really applies to faith. If you proclaim it, you are forgiven almost anything. In Franklin Graham's case, his piety excuses his ignorance and intolerance -- his slap at a worldwide religion of almost 2 billion because of the horrendous acts of a few. What could a Muslim say about the massacres of the Crusades? What could anyone say about the wars between Catholics and Protestants, culminating in the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre of 1572, when possibly 100,000 French Huguenots were slaughtered? France is Catholic today partly because of the sword.

It would have been very McCain of McCain to skip this meeting in the cause of religious tolerance. It would be very McCain of McCain to forcefully denounce the persistent rumor that Barack Obama is a Muslim -- whenever it comes up. (It would also have been wonderful of Obama to have excluded Franklin Graham from a meeting of ministers he convened in Chicago last month.) Both presidential candidates are over-pastored.

For too long now, the term "faith-based" has been synonymous with dumb. It's dumb to speak of Islam as if the terrorists are its true representatives (F. Graham). It's dumb to think the Holocaust was God's way of getting the Jews to return to Israel (Hagee) or that Catholics are not true Christians (Hagee, again) or that "Islam is an anti-Christ religion that intends through violence to conquer the world" (Parsley).

It's dumb to reject evolution when all of science thinks the opposite, and it's dumb to oppose sex education, as if knowledge was by itself a sin. It was beyond dumb for the Rev. Pat Robertson to predict a natural calamity for Orlando because of Disney World's policy regarding gay men and lesbians. Yet, the endorsement of such clergymen has been sought by virtually every Republican presidential candidate of our times. To pass this kind of muster is very disquieting.

The liberal clergy in this country is a faded force. Gone are the days when ministers did such things as leading the civil rights movement and marching to end the Vietnam War. Now, the ones with political clout are too often small-minded men who swaddle their bigotry and ignorance in the soothing word "faith." And John McCain, like a spiritual beggar, goes from one right-wing minister to another, ignoring their previous statements of intolerance and hoping for an endorsement. The other day, he didn't even get lunch. He deserved humble pie.

I kind of miss the 90s

I Love the New Millennium really upsets me. I love just about everything Vh1 creates. Even if it 80% of their programing clearly shows that all humanity left in the world. "I Love Money" is one thing, I can try to convince myself that somehow in their special Vh1 way they are being ironic and pointing a finger at the ridiculousness of reality shows and the culture it has created. (Even though Vh1 has probably made a killing off that culture.) 

But really..."I Love the New Millennium," I can't even watch it and I will watch most crap. I watched 3/4 of an episode of Celebrity Circus, but I can't even get through 1/2 of "I Love the New Millennium." Logically, it makes no sense. We haven't even had a decade worth of 2000s. It is basically like watching old episodes of Best Week Ever. 

"HEY HEY GUYS!! REMEMBER 50 CENT! REMEMBER THAT SONG 'IN DA CLUB'!! HE GOT SHOT 9 TIMES!!! EEEEEEEE!" Yes, yes I do remember. Actually, WBNQ just played that song 5 minutes ago. 

I don't know how the general American population can laugh at how lame American Idol is, after they just hung up the phone from voting. 

I'm so concerned. 

"My God, what a help and moral support clothes are."
-- Nancy Cunard

Hey, remember that time....

I am going through a bit of a “nostalgic for an era I wasn’t alive in” phase right now. I have been listing to the Ronettes album on repeat for way to long. And this mini-obsession is only being fueled by all of the lovely items available on the internet and elsewhere that I find.

My friend LP and I went to the Andersonville Midsommerfest last weekend in Chicago. It was 1 million degrees, but there was this cool little antique booth that had old clippings from magazines, advertisements, maps, and such. So I bough these two fashion editorial pages from a 1920’s Ladies Home Journal. They are kind of awesome, I’m not gonna lie. Although it is kind of insane to think that the entire magazine probably cost less than a quarter in the 20’s and I bought a single page for $15.

But my trip into yester year feels so incomplete without a record player. It is actually kind of ridiculous that I don’t have a record player, because I have records. (Great buys, haha.) I have been on the search, but I know nothing about quality home audio systems. If anyone knows anything about these sorts of things, let me know, I love recommendations. Mikey and Syliva really want to played.

it's only the beginning

Let the typing commence. 

I have never had a blog before, unless you include the myspace blog section. Somebody brought up the other day that they miss writing little myspace blogs, now that facebook is the hot new kid on the block. "Notes" somehow just don't feel the same. So here I go. Oh, and here is the inspiration for the title---

Inventory by Dorothy Parker

Four be things I am wiser to know:
Idleness, sorrow, a friend, and a foe.

Four be things I'd be better without:
Love, curiosity, freckles, and doubt. 

Three be the things I shall never attain:
Envy, content, and sufficient champagne.

Three be things I shall have till I die:
Laughter and hope and a sock in the eye.