Inconvenient Truths

As we approach the end of the month, I figured it was time to impart upon you all that I have learned during the month of September.

Below lies of a list of Inconvenient Truths:

1. If you are the guy in my math class who wears his sunglasses throughout the entire hour every day, you are a tool. (Unless you are blind, in which case, I'm sorry.)

2. Standing and giving you boyfriend a back rub in a coffee shop for 20 minutes while he is messing with his computer means you are in a one-sided relationship. (Especially if afterwards you complain about your back hurting too and all he does is nod and look at his computer screen.)

3. Wearing a du-rag with a suit kind of negates the entire look.

4. Pucca shell necklaces…kinda lame, but your effort is commendable. Good try.