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- 2nd photo via ardenstreet's photostream

Smart people are the best.


"Ultimately, equal pay isn't just an economic issue for millions of Americans and their families, it's a question of who we are -- and whether we're truly living up to our fundamental ideals; whether we'll do our part, as generations before us, to ensure those words put on paper some 200 years ago really mean something -- to breathe new life into them with a more enlightened understanding that is appropriate for our time."
-- President Obama (I still can't believe I actually get to say that phrase) on the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act, the first bill he signed into law.

AP photo via NPR
"I don’t know how they’ve managed to brand the recession. I think I might start to make my own cereal called Credit Crunch. It would just be a cereal laced with speed so you don’t need to buy food for the rest of the day."
     --Lily Allen in Interview Magazine

You got my future in your hands/Here I am baby/Sign, Sealed, Delivered, I'm yours

I think most have my day has been spent "with" the Obama fam. What a day. Woot.

--by Luis M. Alvarez (AP) via L.A. Times

--by Doug Mills (NYT) via New York Times

This is possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen, she dressed up for the inauguration at school today.
--Michael Appleton (NYT) via New York Times

--Jae C. Hong (AP), AP Photos

So legit. 
--Damon Winter (NYT) via New York Times

Sunday is for lovers (and another lover and another lover and another lover)

The new season of Big Love starts tonight. Holla! It has been two years since the last season, which is basically insane. While I fear that this season may start to drift off into a Passions-esque zone soon, I don't really care. (Mostly because Passions was awesome...RIP.)

Heart explosion!!

This is enough to keep me warm on this -29 degree day. (Like I needed another reason to think Tina Fey is the coolest chick ever.)

Vacances d'hiver

On Monday I begin classes again, which I must leave the comfort of my parents home and go back to my prison cell-esque room. While this was not a very productive break, I did have some rather amusing adventures.

I visited my dear friend Laura and we went to the Chicago History Museum’s Chic Chicago exhibit. It is a collection of gowns from Chicago socialites from yesteryear to today. It really was amazing.

This Poriet gown was the first couture gown designed to be worn without a corset. (Quite scandalous for 1913…. an omgz moment fo sho for the people who were at the ball where this was worn.)

The 1954 Charles James “butterfly” gown which weighs 17 lbs(!!!)

Halston gown from 1976. How awesomely 70s is this? Don't you kind of wish you were Bianca Jagger back in the day for 5 minutes so you could wear it and look waaayy good in it.

--photos via Chicago History Museum's photostream