The week as a collection of essay and book titles that will never be written

November 24th through 30th
  • Through the Eyes of Omar: A Memoir
  • Nancy Cunard, Dorothy Parker, and Yves Saint Laurent: Why it is Much Easier to be Friends with People You Never Knew and are Dead
  • "Are There any Black People Here?": Racism, Stereotypes, and College Students
  • What Ever Happened to Conversation and Intelligent Thought?
  • Loosing People Who are Loosing Themselves
  • Broken Glass Means Bloody Feet: A Thanksgiving Holiday
  • The Edward Cullen Phenomenon: Am I the Only One Who Thinks He's Kind of a Dick?
  • Why Must French People Always be so Cool?

An unblogged life is not worth living

This website, o', amuses me to no end. Put in some text from a blog entry or a paper or something and it tells you what writer you are most like. (This is how I amuse myself these days.) Clearly I am very awesome. haha.


Yes we did, baby. Yes we did. 


I was on Jezebel. My life is now complete. 


- via viva la vibs photostream (check out her other stuff too it's kinda great!)

Not-friend wishlist

How old is that kid? It says is class year is 2012, that makes him a solid 18 I bet. Wow. It only took 18 years for him to become that stupid. Or maybe it is the fact that he hasn't been around long enough to develop intelligent thoughts. Whatever it is, I am glad I do not know him. Ew. Right now the average bro is looking pretty great compared to this ridiculous human.