Kid Sis, like dis.

Kid Sister. Awesome lady. Hot jamz.

This is her first single from her album Ultraviolet and I'm thinking it's going to be wonderful. I am also thinking that I might have my new style inspiration for this coming year.....? Hmm...I think it's about time I hit up the nail salon.


Summer classes/work has been getting me down. Things like this get me through.

Ce jeux excitant, si bon mais si lassant

My new favorite thing to do during work now that I (finally) have speakers is listening to the live performance podcasts on KEXP, a radio station in Seattle. There are tons of bands on there-- Of Montreal, Broken Social Scene, the list of awesomeness goes on and on. You can download them all through itunes or their rss feed, which is seriously helping with the lack-of-concert I have been experiencing lately. It’s kind of sad actually; I even got a little excited when I walked past a marching band practicing, so clearly I am in withdrawal.

Today I discovered this adorable set from Yelle. Seriously, why wasn’t I born French and awesome? It’s so unfair.
Yelle at KEXP studios in Seattle from October 2008

- photo via yelle's myspace, music from KEXP

"I don't like vampires. I'm going to take a stand and say they're not good."

I love Buffy like no other. I just got the entire series on DVD and it was without a doubt one of the greatest gifts I have ever received. I have been wanting to blog about it, but it is so not relevant and probably boring to freak out about things from 1997. But seriously... so awesome. 

Then low and behold, I saw this beauty on Jezebel today. It is so so brilliant. Buffy is so bad ass.  

-title quote from Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 1, "Welcome to the Hellmouth"

What my summer has become

What ever you do, do not join (not if you want to have a life that is). It is beautiful in it's ability to suck you in completely. I think Danielle and I spent at least an hour (honestly, probably more), sitting next to each other on the couch, silently blipping.

Friends, audiophiles, beware.

Realizing that Netflix knows more about me than I know about myself


Let the joy commence

Now that school is over, I am so ready for the technicolor fun that is summer.

Channeling my inner housewife

So next Saturday I move into my new apartment (huzza)! Most of all I am excited for all the pretty things I plan on placing on the walls and tables. 

To start out I bought this cross stitch pattern from radicalrags on Etsy. I have no idea how to cross stitch, but me and Danielle are going to band together to create this beauty. 

New life plan

Why I am quitting school and running away to Dollywood:

1. You can ride the Dollywood Express to work.

2. You can spend your free time wondering through aisles of her old clothes and costumes at Chasing Rainbows, the Dolly Parton Museum.
[via Bandit Lites]

3. Things like this are available for purchase.
[via astropop's photostream]

4. Things like this are totally normal and can be seen on a regular basis.
[via astropop's photostream]

Ch-ch-ch-check it out

If you are looking for somethin' to do, you should check out the new OneWorld blog [], a social justice organization at Saint Louis University. I wrote an article for it about sociologist Micheal Kimmel (which you can also find in the OneWorld Magazine if you live is the SLU area). You can also see a picture of me totally geeking-out when I met Kimmel (please notice the full-on fan girl eXtreme smile) after seeing him speak at St. Louis Community College. He basically one of the coolest humans in the world.

I will be writing little blurbs for the site throughout the year about social justice issues. It should be a pretty good time.

My new BFF4EVA, Sliimy

Meet Sliimy. He is from France and he is super cool (notice the bow tie). He reminds me of a combination of Prince and the Dreamcoat from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. His website [link] also has a surprisingly difficult game that involves eating cupcakes and candy. Honestly, what more could you want in a friend? 



On a side note: The person who sent a link to a picture of him, hence leading to my discovery of this miraculous human, said Sliimy reminded them of me. I decided it is compliment, cause I wish I was that awesome. 

--photos via myspace

Been gone since that summer (since that summer)

I miss summer. For some reason or another these pictures of random graffiti I took remind me of it. I kind of want to chronicle this coming summer in a series of photos of bad graffiti. I wish I would have thought of this earlier, there have been some really random and weird things written around campus this year (which sadly, I don't have any pictures of). 

Summer '08, Montréal

Summer '08, Montréal, outside of McDonalds 

Summer '07, outside of Le Peep

Come back to me sun. I look forward to being care free again, things like this don't seem as crazy if it's summer. 

"I just write the stories I want to read, with women like the ones that I know. The people who pass for females in traditional comic books look like men with watermelons strapped to their chests, carrying big guns and posing like they're in a porno magazine. I've never met any women like that, so I won't put them in my books."
 -- Neil Gaiman (Coraline, American Gods) 

My So-Called 90's Life

For some reason I have been really 90's nostalgic lately. Maybe it is because I am starting realize how close I'm getting to being done with school and starting a real life. Not that I want to go back to the 5th grade or anything, I think I just really want to purchase Clarissa Explains It All on DVD. (Or maybe it's that I find making these collage things a great way to procrastinate.)

Bret and Jemaine are the Original Kings of Boom

Maybe I'm a little crazy...but I heard this new Black Eyed Peas song, Boom Boom Pow, on the radio and I couldn't help but notice it sounded a quite bit like Boom by the Flight of the Conchords. I don't know. Listen for yourself. 

I say fail Black Eyed Peas. TEAM FOTC 4EVA!!!


Ridiculous Humans

Tens of thousands of Catholics have signed an online petition organized by the Cardinal Newman Society to protest President Obama speaking at Notre Dame's commencement ceremony. They believe "it is an outrage and a scandal that 'Our Lady’s University,' one of the premier Catholic universities in the United States, would bestow such an honor on President Obama given his clear support for policies and laws that directly contradict fundamental Catholic teachings on life and marriage." [ABC News]

I concur. How dare a university whose mission statement reads, "the intellectual interchange essential to a university requires, and is enriched by, the presence and voices of diverse scholars and students," actually allow diverse thoughts and issues be presented on campus? What is the world coming to? [Notre Dame Mission Statement]


I think this student, in her Letter to the Editor, said it best:
 "I am so embarrassed. We are at an institution of higher learning. Those who are leaving here with a diploma are supposed to be cultivated individuals, having the ability to receive and reflect upon conflicting viewpoints, and furthermore, to be able to understand a wider picture, one that goes beyond the Notre Dame bubble, and beyond the teachings of one religion. Graduates from our fine school should be able to see more, not less." [The Observer

-- image (without text...obviously) from Notre Dame's website

'eff it, yo.

I saw this on Feministe - It is called a Fuck-it List, just a like a Bucket List, only instead of listing all of the things you want to do before you die, you list all the things you aren't going to try to do anymore. Although my Fuck-it List is just for the rest of year, I can't think about death right now, I'm too busy trying to figure out my class schedule. 

Fuck-it List

- Get stuff done before work in the morning
- Be good a small talk
- Know card games (well, this is added to the before death list)
- Make a successful 'friend transition' (this one goes out to Danielle)
- Be spontaneous
- Feel bad about not being social
- Keep my desk organized
- Keep my clothes organized
- Try to look not like a fool on my bike

hellz yes.

I can't explain in words how excited I am for this movie. Even if you can't understand French, you must admit it looks pretty awesome.

meme or même?

I might be a few days behind the curve on this cause I have been insanely busy, but this is officially one of my favorite time wasters. I could spend all day making fake bands. 


1 - Go to “wikipedia.” Hit “Random Article”
or click
The first random Wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.

2 - Go to “Random quotations”
or click
The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album.

3 - Go to flickr and click on “explore the last seven days”
or click
Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

4 - Use Photoshop/MS Paint/Word/whatever to put it all together.

Do it. Trust me. You won't regret it (even if you do feel kind of lame afterward). 

It's a bad man's world

Maria Cornejo (Zero + Maria Cornejo) is one of my new favorite people. When asked about how she would feel if three of her model's tumbled to the floor in bazillion inch heels like at the Hervé Léger show:
"That’s just sad, you know? It’s boys dressing women. I’m sorry — they don’t have to wear the fucking shoes," she said. "It’s quite abusive. Because, you know what? We have to run around and walk, and nobody has a chauffeur waiting for them outside. And it really pisses me off and makes me really angry because it’s that boys thing about making women into victims. You know, it’s not nice."
So yeah, she's kind of awesome and her clothes are super sweet.




--Images and quote from

Polyvore is my new best friend

My dream life
My dream life is quiet possibly one of the greatest time wasters on the interweb. You don't wanna know how long I spent on this.

Living it up like it's 1991

Maybe others noticed this along ago, but I just discovered it and it has kind of made my week.

My Girl, my favorite childhood movie, was on television the other day. Vada was and still is the coolest hypochondriac/tomboy/poet to ever grace a movie screen. I started wearing a mood ring again because I even though I'm not 7 anymore I still wanna be Vada. 

So as I was creeping on Anna Chlumsky's (Vada) imdb page, trying to find where on earth she has been all these years and I discovered she was on an episode of the first season of 30 Rock! EEE! Liz Lemler is Vada Sultenfuss! I can't believe I didn't notice it before.

Thomas J. Sennett (Macaulay Culkin) and Vada Sultenfuss

Liz Lemler

(and the trailer for My Girl because it makes me happy)

Someone's about to get their weave torn out

My favorite fights of 2009 thus far:

Faye Dunaway v. Hilary Duff  
"Couldn't they at least cast a real actress?" -- Dunaway, after hearing Miss Hilary was cast as Bonnie in the remake of Bonnie & Clyde 
Stephen King v. Stephenie Meyer
“Both Rowling and Meyer, they’re speaking directly to young people… The real difference is that Jo Rowling is a terrific writer and Stephenie Meyer can’t write worth a darn. She’s not very good.” -- Mr. King
I'll be honest. I would be waaaay to scared to take on Meyer. She has that army of tweens and their mothers' ready to strike at any moment. You don't want all of those unbalanced hormones flying at you, trust me. Side note: doesn't Meyer have such a look on her face like, "Yeah bitches, I just fooled all y'all."

Never in my life did I think I would want Celebrity Deathmatch to come back on the air. But now I want that claymation so badly. 

Life Mathematics


- 2nd photo via ardenstreet's photostream

Smart people are the best.


"Ultimately, equal pay isn't just an economic issue for millions of Americans and their families, it's a question of who we are -- and whether we're truly living up to our fundamental ideals; whether we'll do our part, as generations before us, to ensure those words put on paper some 200 years ago really mean something -- to breathe new life into them with a more enlightened understanding that is appropriate for our time."
-- President Obama (I still can't believe I actually get to say that phrase) on the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act, the first bill he signed into law.

AP photo via NPR
"I don’t know how they’ve managed to brand the recession. I think I might start to make my own cereal called Credit Crunch. It would just be a cereal laced with speed so you don’t need to buy food for the rest of the day."
     --Lily Allen in Interview Magazine

You got my future in your hands/Here I am baby/Sign, Sealed, Delivered, I'm yours

I think most have my day has been spent "with" the Obama fam. What a day. Woot.

--by Luis M. Alvarez (AP) via L.A. Times

--by Doug Mills (NYT) via New York Times

This is possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen, she dressed up for the inauguration at school today.
--Michael Appleton (NYT) via New York Times

--Jae C. Hong (AP), AP Photos

So legit. 
--Damon Winter (NYT) via New York Times

Sunday is for lovers (and another lover and another lover and another lover)

The new season of Big Love starts tonight. Holla! It has been two years since the last season, which is basically insane. While I fear that this season may start to drift off into a Passions-esque zone soon, I don't really care. (Mostly because Passions was awesome...RIP.)

Heart explosion!!

This is enough to keep me warm on this -29 degree day. (Like I needed another reason to think Tina Fey is the coolest chick ever.)

Vacances d'hiver

On Monday I begin classes again, which I must leave the comfort of my parents home and go back to my prison cell-esque room. While this was not a very productive break, I did have some rather amusing adventures.

I visited my dear friend Laura and we went to the Chicago History Museum’s Chic Chicago exhibit. It is a collection of gowns from Chicago socialites from yesteryear to today. It really was amazing.

This Poriet gown was the first couture gown designed to be worn without a corset. (Quite scandalous for 1913…. an omgz moment fo sho for the people who were at the ball where this was worn.)

The 1954 Charles James “butterfly” gown which weighs 17 lbs(!!!)

Halston gown from 1976. How awesomely 70s is this? Don't you kind of wish you were Bianca Jagger back in the day for 5 minutes so you could wear it and look waaayy good in it.

--photos via Chicago History Museum's photostream