Ce jeux excitant, si bon mais si lassant

My new favorite thing to do during work now that I (finally) have speakers is listening to the live performance podcasts on KEXP, a radio station in Seattle. There are tons of bands on there-- Of Montreal, Broken Social Scene, the list of awesomeness goes on and on. You can download them all through itunes or their rss feed, which is seriously helping with the lack-of-concert I have been experiencing lately. It’s kind of sad actually; I even got a little excited when I walked past a marching band practicing, so clearly I am in withdrawal.

Today I discovered this adorable set from Yelle. Seriously, why wasn’t I born French and awesome? It’s so unfair.
Yelle at KEXP studios in Seattle from October 2008

- photo via yelle's myspace, music from KEXP