How Hot Cops stay in shape

I knew I liked this guy. Go bikes!

"I’ll take an interest in illustration"

So in my History of Photography class we had to make a camera obscura (the machine the lovely band is named after). The best part is I actually got mine to function as it should. 

It's made from a cardboard box painted black on the inside. The lens is a magnifying glass connected to a Pringles can. I cut out the back of the box and put a piece of tracing paper in it's place.

When you shine a light on an object and place the lens in front of it, the images is reflected onto the tracing paper upside-down and laterally reversed. (Sorry the quality of the photo isn't very good, the flash on the camera wipes out the image.) 

I am probably waaaay too excited about this, but let's be honest, it's pretty cool. 

And just because, here is a picture of Tracyanne Campbell from Camera Obscura being awesome. 

(Title is from Tears for Affairs on the album Let's Get Out of This Country)

This will be the best thing to happen to you all weekend

Watch and love. He calls himself Max the Magician, but we all know his real name.....GOB. 

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Darryl! Why are you doing meth? This makes me sad. The only way I think I will be able to get over this is if they do an episode of 'Intervention' with him.

'Office' actor Craig Robinson faces
drug charges

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Prosecutors have filed felony drug charges against Craig Phillip Robinson, an actor best known for his role as Darryl Philbin on NBC's "The Office."
According to documents released Friday, police in Culver City arrested Robinson on June 29 on suspicion of possessing MDMA, also known as ecstasy, and methamphetamine. He was released the same day after posting bail, jail records show.

I would have laughed at me (but in a nice way)

It's official. I feel off my bike this morning on the way to work. I did a full on dive into the pavement. Right now I am feeling lame with two giant band aids stuck to each arm. Bad omen for the start of the year? Maybe. But all I know is the bell on my bike broke in the fall. What a sad state of affairs this all is.

I wear factorials on my fingers

Please look at these beautiful things. The jewerly line created by two MIT grads, called Nervous System gets it's inspiration from mathematics (a lot of it coming from geometry). Math is starting to seem a whole lot cooler lately. Danica McKellar (Winnie Cooper from the Wonder Years) thinks math is sweet too and Winnie Cooper is like as cool as you can ever get. (Read about her book signing on and then tell me you don't wanna hang out with her and talk about feminism, fractions, and Fred Savage all day.)

In the Dendrite Line, the Full Moon Series of necklaces are one of a kind.

This bracelet, part of the Radiolaria line is made of silicon and "cut in an organic network of distorting ellipses."

Earrings, Radiolaria line

From the Algae line, the Small Algal Bloom Pendent

Smart and super cool, my favorite combination.

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The End.

Sunday somehow ended up having a dance theme. We began with Kid Sister, who was quite amusing. Her dancers creeped me out a little bit, they were really tiny and eerily machine like. kid sister

Black Kids were also a dancin’ good time, although their set did get a little slow towards the end. I kind of have a crush on the lead signer right now; he was kind of annoying at first but grew on me (and his voice pretty cool).

Next up was Girl Talk. We tried to meet up with Katie and Janie here, but just as you would assume, it was whoa insane. These Australian guys were next us to before the show stared. One of them (we never learned his name, so we named him Bruce) was a very Chatty Cathy. Later during the show Bruce and his friends ran up to the front. We didn’t expect to see him again, but at the end of the show Girl Talk threw a blow up raft into the crowd and Bruce was in it. girl talk girl talk raft

We finally found Katie and Janie by the always classy Port-a-Potties before finding a place to watch Kayne. He was very punctual and put on a pretty good show. Nat and I had to leave a bit early since we had to drive home and leave for Michigan early yesterday.Photobucket

Lolla was probably one of the best ways to close out the summer. Now I only have one week (!) until I move in for school. Eek! Mackinac Island will probably not be as exciting as Lolla, but I did already find out about a concert tonight. I think I might be turning into a concert junkie.

It's a shoreline, it's high speed, and it's a cruel world

Saturday was a little more chill than Friday. We saw Does it Offend You, Yeah? who were a lot of fun. The people dancing next to us were even more exciting. I loved it and danced right along with them. 
does it offend you yeah

Later that evening we saw Broken Social Scene. I was really sad that Emily Haines wasn't there, but Amy Millan and Evan Cranley of Stars, as well as Andrew "Apostle of Hustle" Whiteman joined the already massive band. 
broken social scene

And last that day was Wilco. A wonderful way to end the day. Tweedy and gang came out dressed in colored suits with random characters and some sweet bedazzling. A man and his 13 or 14 year old daughter from Baltimore were next to me and Nat. It was their fourth time seeing Wilco together, but they were still just as excited as me and Nat about our front row status. The girl knew every word to every song Wilco sang. I wish I was that cool back in the day, I'm pretty sure I was still listening to Good Charlotte at 13. It wasn't even humid outside that night, which was kind of magical.