The End.

Sunday somehow ended up having a dance theme. We began with Kid Sister, who was quite amusing. Her dancers creeped me out a little bit, they were really tiny and eerily machine like. kid sister

Black Kids were also a dancin’ good time, although their set did get a little slow towards the end. I kind of have a crush on the lead signer right now; he was kind of annoying at first but grew on me (and his voice pretty cool).

Next up was Girl Talk. We tried to meet up with Katie and Janie here, but just as you would assume, it was whoa insane. These Australian guys were next us to before the show stared. One of them (we never learned his name, so we named him Bruce) was a very Chatty Cathy. Later during the show Bruce and his friends ran up to the front. We didn’t expect to see him again, but at the end of the show Girl Talk threw a blow up raft into the crowd and Bruce was in it. girl talk girl talk raft

We finally found Katie and Janie by the always classy Port-a-Potties before finding a place to watch Kayne. He was very punctual and put on a pretty good show. Nat and I had to leave a bit early since we had to drive home and leave for Michigan early yesterday.Photobucket

Lolla was probably one of the best ways to close out the summer. Now I only have one week (!) until I move in for school. Eek! Mackinac Island will probably not be as exciting as Lolla, but I did already find out about a concert tonight. I think I might be turning into a concert junkie.


Kaylen said...

Nothing wrong with being a concert junkie!

Also, it made me giggle when you called Kanye "punctual". You know, because of the Bonnaroo nonsense? Yeah....hee hee.

Have fun at Mackinac Island! I'm sad I won't be seeing you around campus, but we'll have to meet up in the big city for some sweet concerts this year! <3