"I just write the stories I want to read, with women like the ones that I know. The people who pass for females in traditional comic books look like men with watermelons strapped to their chests, carrying big guns and posing like they're in a porno magazine. I've never met any women like that, so I won't put them in my books."
 -- Neil Gaiman (Coraline, American Gods) 


Kaylen said...

You are pushing my buttons, missy. I read American Gods for the first time a couple weeks ago. Then I read Coraline. Now I'm reading The Graveyard Book.

Laura, you win at posting about the bestest things ever.

Danielle said...

very good. I, too, read American Gods for the first time pretty recently and loved it a lot. I wanted to read Coraline but never did. I did read Good Omens though which was amazing.