'eff it, yo.

I saw this on Feministe - It is called a Fuck-it List, just a like a Bucket List, only instead of listing all of the things you want to do before you die, you list all the things you aren't going to try to do anymore. Although my Fuck-it List is just for the rest of year, I can't think about death right now, I'm too busy trying to figure out my class schedule. 

Fuck-it List

- Get stuff done before work in the morning
- Be good a small talk
- Know card games (well, this is added to the before death list)
- Make a successful 'friend transition' (this one goes out to Danielle)
- Be spontaneous
- Feel bad about not being social
- Keep my desk organized
- Keep my clothes organized
- Try to look not like a fool on my bike


Kaylen said...

Hmm. I second most of those things - especially the social one. I feel bad for not hanging out with people more...sometimes.

But ha! Now I won't.