Do you think about me now and then? Cause I'm coming home again.

So my parents are gone for the next two weeks and I am moving back home to stay with my sister, Nat. Now you may think, "No parents, house party! wooo!" Although knowing myself (and the fact that I can count all my friends on one hand) our house party would look less like this:

And more like this:

This weekend Nat has homecoming too, so I must take on all official mom duties. Part of me wants to wear a full on housewife outfit to take pictures of her and her homecoming group on Saturday, but I am too nice to embarrass her in that way. (Well, maybe, I haven't decided yet. If I go full on Betty Draper, I'll let you know.)


Kaylen said...

Please, please, PLEASE take pictures when you dress up like a fabulous housewife.

And house party? that's my idea of fun. we lived on the same floor last year. you saw me every night, sitting on my old lady couch (how appropriate) on my laptop.

tell lil sis i say good luck!!

Danielle said...

ummmm I'm with her. dress up. take pictures. i'll join you and wear my outfit from tuesday.... i've still got the pants and the shirt 'n tie are mine...