P.S. You're Creepy

Earlier this evening when I was walking up the massive staircase in the library something very odd occurred. There was a couple walking behind me, the guy was wearing a grey sweatshirt and an orange winter hat (which was not necessary considering the weather). I heard him whisper rather loudly to the girl he had his arm around, "Let's follow her, I beat she knows where it's at." Giggling then ensued. I didn't turn around or say anything, I just continued about my business, walking up the stairs. As I passed the door the the fourth floor the bro whispered, "man, I'm tired, she's moving to fast, I can't follow her anymore," and they heading into the fourth floor.

I am still trying to process that moment. It's not a super big deal, but he was whisper pretty darn loud and the stairwell is rather echo-y, so he had to know that I would hear basically everything he said. What possesses a person to do that? I don't really even know how I feel about the whole situation. Embarrassed? Awkward? Angry? Confused? Concerned? Is it even a situation at all? In the end, I think I will just through it into the pile of strange adventures that are my life.


Kaylen said...

Eww that's real creepy.

But, I mean, if it makes you feel any better, you DO know where it's at.


better buy Maze pepper spray or something....

just to let you know that my NEW blog is finally up & running...
So feel free to check it & leave a comment ok...I need to know you'd drop by & say hi...hee!

stay safe & take care!
God forbid: just spray-spray or take karate class hee!

Danielle said...

p.s. you feel cool as heck about this occurring.

but i mean, definitely be on the alert and protect your goodies.