What began in nausea ended in bliss

Who would have thought that a day that involved taking a drink of Pepto-Bismol every 2 hours would be oh-so wonderful? But yesterday, Amy and I saw The Avett Brothers and I honestly think my life is a little better now. They were, without a doubt, the best live act I have ever seen (and I saw 98° live, that’s some tough competition).

I was amazed at the size and general awesomeness of crowd. I have never seen so many dudes with beards and long hair in one place. Seth, Scott, and Bob stepped out in impeccably tailored outfits, opening the show with “Shame” from Emotionalism. I do not know how they keep up intensity of their performance multiple nights in a row. I swear there were at least 10 broken strings between Seth and Scott (their very nicely dressed roadie was running over banjos and guitars all night). But never once did it hinder the show; they are like a continuous force, constantly moving and growing, gaining strength and blowing your mind. There was one point where something happened (a string broke they couldn’t re-up it quickly enough or something, I don’t quite remember exactly) and they stopped on a dime in the middle of the song. The moment it was fixed, they picked it right back up in the exact spot they left off, as though nothing had even happened. Seriously. Amazing.

I so badly want to see them again in November when they are in Chicago for the Bluegrass Festival. I want to force everyone I know to attend one of their shows, because it will change the way you feel about music. I need passion, baby, nothing less.

I think Amy said it best, "I want to crawl on the stage and die there; then be resurrected by their sweet sweet music."