Hey, remember that time....

I am going through a bit of a “nostalgic for an era I wasn’t alive in” phase right now. I have been listing to the Ronettes album on repeat for way to long. And this mini-obsession is only being fueled by all of the lovely items available on the internet and elsewhere that I find.

My friend LP and I went to the Andersonville Midsommerfest last weekend in Chicago. It was 1 million degrees, but there was this cool little antique booth that had old clippings from magazines, advertisements, maps, and such. So I bough these two fashion editorial pages from a 1920’s Ladies Home Journal. They are kind of awesome, I’m not gonna lie. Although it is kind of insane to think that the entire magazine probably cost less than a quarter in the 20’s and I bought a single page for $15.

But my trip into yester year feels so incomplete without a record player. It is actually kind of ridiculous that I don’t have a record player, because I have records. (Great buys, haha.) I have been on the search, but I know nothing about quality home audio systems. If anyone knows anything about these sorts of things, let me know, I love recommendations. Mikey and Syliva really want to played.