I kind of miss the 90s

I Love the New Millennium really upsets me. I love just about everything Vh1 creates. Even if it 80% of their programing clearly shows that all humanity left in the world. "I Love Money" is one thing, I can try to convince myself that somehow in their special Vh1 way they are being ironic and pointing a finger at the ridiculousness of reality shows and the culture it has created. (Even though Vh1 has probably made a killing off that culture.) 

But really..."I Love the New Millennium," I can't even watch it and I will watch most crap. I watched 3/4 of an episode of Celebrity Circus, but I can't even get through 1/2 of "I Love the New Millennium." Logically, it makes no sense. We haven't even had a decade worth of 2000s. It is basically like watching old episodes of Best Week Ever. 

"HEY HEY GUYS!! REMEMBER 50 CENT! REMEMBER THAT SONG 'IN DA CLUB'!! HE GOT SHOT 9 TIMES!!! EEEEEEEE!" Yes, yes I do remember. Actually, WBNQ just played that song 5 minutes ago. 

I don't know how the general American population can laugh at how lame American Idol is, after they just hung up the phone from voting. 

I'm so concerned. 


Kaylen said...

I 100% completely agree. I tried watching some of it and I just...couldn't. It's like, some of the crap they talk about happened LESS THAN A YEAR AGO. I just don't get it.