At least no one was wearing crocs

I sit at this table and wait for new freshman and their parents to come over and talk to be about service opportunities every day at work. Needless to say, people don’t really come up to talk to me that often. So I end up trying to figure out ways to occupy myself for around an hour to keep the boredom away.

Today I decided to practice smiling with my eyes. Even with all of my training from Tyra, it didn’t go to hot. I’m pretty sure that I looked like I was on crack and/or trying keep my contact from falling out of my eye. When my eyes started to dry out I had to move on to another activity. Being that my eyes were quite open, I started to notice a strange trend. The amount of students in sleepwear/sweatpants was alarming. Now I know the college kids today hate zippers, but this is the first time these kids are on campus, the first time they are meeting their classmates. I’m not saying that I expect cocktail attire, but is a button too much to ask for? I know I’m old fashioned, I don’t leave the house in anything that could double pajamas. I saw at least 11 people in sweat-related attire and seeing as there is about 95 students on any given day at Preview, that’s approximately 11.58% of the people. 11 people is not a lot, but at 20,000 people, 11.58% is 2,316 people. That is a lot of people. My generation is so lame. The 50’s had the beats in a all black, the 60’s has hippie-ness, even the 90’s had fly girls. But 00’s, we have kids who can’t get out of bed.