Une lettre pour mon ami imaginaire

Cher GrandMarnier,

How are you? I hope you are well. I am writing to apologize for not going to see you and Yelle and Tepr on Tuesday. You see, I had to work and then give this ridiculous presentation and there was just no way I could make it in time. It really broke my heart. I mean, who knows when you will be back anywhere near the US, let alone Chicago? Please forgive me. Next time, I will be there, wearing everything day-glow and giant smile on my face.

Anyway, maybe one day we can all hang out and wear brightly colored pants and just chill. It would be super fun. I swear.

Thanks for making wonderful music and being adorable.



p.s. - Your purple pants are way awesome. Keep up the good work.

photo by John Brunner


Paul Pincus said...

i love those purple pants too.